Salvadoran artist born 1987.

Enok started graffiti in 2003 after discovering this culture which has become a major part of his life. He's worked on sharpening his style and aerosol skills for the past 12 years. 

Many urban graffiti artists, which mainstream typically calls "vandals" due to their artwork being created on private or public property, like him have no formal art education or training, yet he is convinced that artistic work should never be taken for granted and this art form will overcome its underground status.

It's in this thought that drives him to work on diverse mediums such as murals, apparel, airbrush, computer graphics... by adapting his universe in order to make this contemporary art recognized.

Over the past decade, his artwork has been featured on magazines covers, graffiti books, and private corporate events.  Some of the clients Enok has worked with include: Puma Motorsports, Direct TV,  The Garage Inc, BKB TV, Anthem Vault Inc, Pigeonly, and Saloote App.